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Loir Paris the beautiful story

Clothing with a timeless and delicate style, respectful of the Earth and People.

“It was as impossible for us to create LOIR without setting our precise intention on style, as it was to imagine a collection that does not respect the ethics and values ​​that are ours.”

The team

Grégoire, with his passion for precise analysis of figures, embodies excellence and determination. As a seasoned professional, he easily juggles the demands of the professional world with the joys of fatherhood, brilliantly balancing his role as a father.

His mastery of pivot tables is undeniable, but it's not just in the world of data that he excels. He is also a fervent supporter of Paris Saint-Germain, demonstrating a passionate commitment to the team he loves above all else.

Grégoire's childhood dreams of becoming a ball boy at Roland Garros reflect his tenacity and his desire to always achieve excellence. Ultimately, his path led him to strategy consulting, where he brings his refined vision and expertise to each project.

Pauline is an artist of life, juggling between the joyful laughter of her children and her unconditional love for art. Her world is filled with colors, pencils and notebooks, where each blank page is a potential canvas for her creative ideas.

As a child, she dreamed of becoming a children's judge, a protector of the most vulnerable. Eventually, her path led her to sewing clothes, a sweet and creative way to express her love and protection towards her loved ones. Each stitch is an act of love, an invisible thread weaving the bonds of his family.

With her generous heart and inexhaustible passion for creativity, Pauline brings color and warmth to every aspect of her life. She is living proof that childhood dreams can transform into unexpected and equally wonderful forms of happiness.