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Article: The Little House in Poland

La petite maison dans la Pologne

The Little House in Poland

We dreamed of the perfect workshop, of a human story that we could create beyond our clothes. Yes. Blah blah blah. Something out of a novel. Or maybe not quite.

One of the key points, if not THE key point: the clothing workshop. Find a clothing workshop.

This stressful and tedious sourcing work took us several months. It must be said that the specifications were dense: ethical, responsible, in Europe or Morocco, high-end finishes, and which would allow the brand to be born, and to believe. In other words, the five-legged sheep. (see LOIR Paris commitments )

After waking up at dawn and traveling by plane, train, taxi, here we are in the kingdom of Pounchkis and vodka!
We land at Lotnisko Chopin Warszawa airport. A city whose name of the airport is "Chopin". Wonder.
We had exchanged for long weeks with our workshop and we were finally going to meet them.
I remember that day when my great partner arrived triumphant "look at this, I found a workshop, it looks hot, this house in the countryside is so cute, there are lots of lakes around".
The lakes, decisive criterion, as everyone knows.
For my part, I sourced in Morocco, a country dear to my heart, where my father was born and now lives I would have liked to link Morocco to the history of LOIR, but some constraints related to the feasibility of the thing (you see what I mean? No? It's normal, you're not in my thoughts). We were unable to obtain certain authorizations to send part of our fabrics, and we had to put this project on hold.
So, head for the lakes, the woolen gloves and the forests filled with wolves!
We are welcomed with great human warmth.
 We then cross our fingers so that the prototypes are suitable and that we can validate all this, because our host is so adorable that it would be heartbreaking not to continue.
She explains to us that we are going to take a quick tour of the workshop and launch the first samples because the girls finish at 6am and finish at 2pm.
It's really the moment that hysterizes all creators I think: entering a clothing workshop.
Discover the organization there, see the different machines, the different workstations, and above all, meet the women behind the machines, who make our clothes.
The meticulousness of their gestures, their know-how, their technique (I have been sewing for 15 years, in pure self-taught product and seeing the professional version animated a great curiosity / fascination in me).
The prototypes are all validated around 2 p.m.
We are blown away by the level of finish. I have no comments to make, the work is remarkable. We will be able to launch our production and start a great human adventure!

Before closing this post, a little photo tour? Let's go !

The sky, in the early morning of our journey
Discover the workshop
Layette, our romper being assembled
10 a.m.: Break! It's breakfast time
Our MANSART bloomer ready to be mounted
All the modeling part was made in France; the patterns are then sent to the workshop, and printed on a very special machine


Quelle magnifique histoire humaine, le chemin t’a mené a un bien bel endroit Pauline !
Le chemin te mènera encore vers de belles rencontres j’en suis persuadé…ultreïa :)
Ton ami du chemin +


Comme j’aime cet article. Il me donne envie d’aller visiter ce pays et voir ses lacs.
Bravo pour cette découverte.


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