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Article: Energy balls

Les boules énergies

Energy balls

Admittedly, the famous January 21 is behind us, but let's face it, the game is not yet won! Lack of sun, cold, humidity, let's not give up and win the battle of continual energy.

We deliver our energy recipe of the day: ENERGY balls or power BALLS

But what is it ?

It's very good, healthy (not necessarily correlated yet). And it satisfies. In other words, it is ideal for body and soul. Frankly, it satisfies the parasitic hunger peaks (the ones that end badly, you see -> three slices of gouda cheese & a quarter of a baguette. Thank you).

For 15 Energy balls :

- 250 gr of dates
- 1 tbsp raw cocoa (unsweetened cocoa)
- some walnuts
- 1 tbsp sesame
- 1 tbsp coconut

Soak the dates for 30 minutes in water at room temperature.

Mix the ingredients in a blender or in a Thermomix (15 secs speed 6)

Knead the dough with your hands and put in a bowl before taking a little of this dough to make the balls.

Roll in coconut or sesame.

Let your inspiration run free to adapt the recipe with cashews, pecans, pistachios, matcha...


( Photo Days like Laura )

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