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ARCHIVES Spring-Summer 2023

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Sold outLORETTE shirt - apricot stripesLORETTE shirt - apricot stripes
Sold outMARY dress - blue chambrayMARY dress - blue chambray
MARY dress - blue chambray Sale priceFrom €19,00
Sold outMARTHE romper - floralMARTHE romper - floral
MARTHE romper - floral Sale price€25,00
Sold outMARY dress - floralMARY dress - floral
MARY dress - floral Sale priceFrom €19,00
Sold outLORETTE shirt - blue chambrayLORETTE shirt - blue chambray
LORETTE shirt - blue chambray Sale priceFrom €20,00
Sold outCOLOMBE dress - apricot stripesCOLOMBE dress - apricot stripes
Sold outCOCO romper - blue chambrayCOCO romper - blue chambray
Sold outFELIX guimpe - milk checksFELIX guimpe - milk checks
Sold outMARY dress - milk checksMARY dress - milk checks
MARY dress - milk checks Sale priceFrom €19,00
Sold outGABI shorts - speckled chalk gabardineGABI shorts - speckled chalk gabardine
Sold outOLIVIA dress - water greenOLIVIA dress - water green
Sold outOLIVIA dress - apricot stripesOLIVIA dress - apricot stripes
Sold outTHAIS blouse - floralTHAIS blouse - floral
THAIS blouse - floral Sale price€18,00
Sold outMARTHE romper - blue and white stripesMARTHE romper - blue and white stripes
Sold outTHAIS blouse - caramelTHAIS blouse - caramel
THAIS blouse - caramel Sale price€20,00
Sold outSOPHIE fleece jacket - green toile de JouySOPHIE fleece jacket - green toile de Jouy
Sold outTop ELISE - blue and white stripesTop ELISE - blue and white stripes
Sold outPARMA shirt - blue and white stripesPARMA shirt - blue and white stripes
Sold outTop ELISE - black and white milk checksTop ELISE - black and white milk checks
Sold outGRACE cardigan - saffron garter stitchGRACE cardigan - saffron garter stitch
Sold outFELIX guimpe - LOIR paris printFELIX guimpe - LOIR paris print
Sold outHONORE bib - floralHONORE bib - floral
HONORE bib - floral Sale price€10,00